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Making Oxford a safe place for all people


It Happens Here is excited to offer several educational programs!  So, if you want to bring one to your college or group, let us know!  We can also work with you to tailor the program to what you need.

Demystifying Classical Mythology

Sex, sexualised images, and sexual innuendos are everywhere. But the posh brands, porn, and unrealistic television shows never ask if the sexual acts were consensual.

Consent is important for all intimate relationships, if they are just becoming physical or if they are sexual. Demystifying Classical Mythology looks at real life scenarios and the myths and realities of sexual consent surrounding those encounters. It is a honest conversation about sexual consent, the importance of it, and ways to give and receive consent. We aim to have students understand and know that asking for and giving consent no matter the stage of their relationship allows them to enjoy sexual activity while respecting others.

To schedule a workshop email

Queer Consent Workshop

Consent is necessary in all types of relationships. The Queer Consent Workshop covers consent in sexual experiences that are non-normative. This isn’t only about consent in relationships between people of the same gender, but discusses things like BDSM, open relationships and sex work. We don’t recommend this workshop for freshers’ weeks, but it fits perfectly into LGBTQ weeks in colleges or for LGBTQ groups.

To schedule a workshop email

Mythbusting Workshop

There are lots of myths about sexual consent and sexual violence. We’ve got a workshop that raises some of these ideas for discussion and guides participants through what the facts are instead. Unlike the other workshops, this isn’t based around scenarios. Instead it covers ideas more abstractly. If you’re interested in complementing more scenario-based workshops then this works perfectly.

To schedule a workshop email

Good Lad

The Good Lad Workshops are an Oxford-based effort to empower men to deal with complex gender situations and become agents of positive change within their social circles.

We’ve all been to workshops telling us what not to do — but now it’s time to set the bar higher. Good Lad Workshops promote positive masculinity and drive participants to go beyond

We create open and non-prescriptive discussion environments for groups of men to reflectively consider their interactions with women and each other. Rather than cast men as perpetrators, we believe the best way to engage men on sensitive and complex gender issues is to ask how can men become positive actors to bring about better outcomes.

To schedule a Good Lad group, please go here.


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