It Happens Here

Making Oxford a safe place for all people


Bringing It Happens Here to Your College

It Happens Here is a university-wide organization, so we need your help bringing the campaign against sexual violence to specific colleges!

If you’re interested in creating a college culture of consent and making sure that your college is a place where survivors are supported (more on that below), get in touch!  You can fill out this form, and then email us directly at

College Policies

For many of us, our colleges are more like our homes and Oxford is our community.  And survivors of sexual violence should know that they’ll have the full support of their community behind them.  The problem is that right now, that support is difficult to access.  It’s often really confusing to figure out what exactly sexual violence is, who survivors should go to, and what they can expect from the college.

Thus, we are dedicated to working with colleges to adopt specific policies for supporting survivors.  These policies would ideally include

  • a definition of sexual violence
  • a variety of ways that people can report violence
  • services that the college will offer the survivor.

We would love to work with colleges to adopt such policies, and are always available as a resource.  We can provide examples of successful policies, discuss implementation, look at how to best make a policy work for your community, or tackle any other questions you may have.  So please feel free to email us at


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