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Making Oxford a safe place for all people

It Happens Here’s Campaigns

We have two big projects that we’ve been working on this term; here’s some information about how to get involved!
Consent Workshops in Colleges – 6pm Tuesday 5th Week – OUSU (2 Worcester Street)

Would you like more information about the Consent Workshops that OUSU runs, or information on how to get workshops happening in your common room? They’re really successful and brilliant. OUSU’s Women’s Officers and VP (Women), in conjunction with It Happens Here, are running an Information Session on the 18th of February (Tuesday, Week 5), in OUSU, at 6pm.
We will be running through what Consent Workshops are, why they are so important, and be providing resources and support for those who wish to raise a motion within their own common room.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre Access – 6.30pm Tuesday 6th week- OUSU (2 Worcester Street)
Sexual Assault Referral Centres are the only place where anyone, regardless of age, sex, or previous history, can access immediate medical and forensic support after experiencing sexual violence. Additionally, they have in-house Independent Sexual Violence Advisors who can provide support for anyone who has questions about the process of reporting, or needs advice on what their rights are. They also have close ties with local listening and counselling services.
It Happens Here have been working on improving access to these services. The nearest Sexual Assault Referral Centre is in Slough: this is basically inaccessible to all students. It is an hour away by car or a stressful train journey and walk. As most students do not have access to cars, this service is basically inaccessible to students. We’re going a lot of work to campaign for better access for Oxford students. Come and find out what you can do to help!

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