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Anti-Violence Valentine’s Week

Anti-Violence Valentine’s Week!

From the 9th to the 15th February, we’ll be marking Valentine’s day with a  series of events and campaigning against sexual violence. This is a great way to find out more about the problems we’re campaigning against and get involved.

Monday 10th February

Anti-Violence Valentine’s Day card-making! We’ll be working with WomCam to create cards that highlight the importance of consent in romance. Come and make a card for your loved one(s) with a pro-consent message! We’ll also be writing cards of support and thanks to local rape crisis services.

7pm – Okinaga Room – Wadham College


Consent workshop! A new consent workshop for anyone, regardless of whether you’ve been to an OUSU one before. This consent workshop will be focused around discussion that develops  understanding of practices of consent. It’s entirely new material, so even if you went to one in fresher’s week, it’ll challenge you with new ideas.

If you’ve never been to one before, please do think about coming! They’re really fun and interesting workshops that provide a space for talking about consent in a safe and non-judgemental environment. They’re not therapy sessions, but rather practical workshops that give people a way of working out how to better approach consent in their lives.

Open to everyone, of all genders.

2-4pm – Harold Wilson Room – Jesus College


Social and postering!  Location TBD


Women Against Rape, a one of the most established and powerful campaigning groups, will be coming to speak about sexual violence. This promises to one of the most moving and informative events, so please do come along!

7pm – St Johns MCR Seminar Room


We’ll be outside the RadCam talking about our work, issues around sexual violence and selling lovely white ribbons in order to increase awareness. Please do come along and say hello!

11am-4pm – outside the Radcliffe Camera – Radcliffe Square.


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